Test Locations and Soil Types – 2023 Trials

LocationTableRelative MaturitySoil TypeRow Width (cm)Seeding Rate (plant/ac)Trial Co-ordinator
New Liskeard2a00.5clay35200,000U of Guelph, New Liskeard
Dundalk2b00.9loam56192,000U of Guelph, OCRC-Winchester
Arthur2b0.2clay loam56192,000U of Guelph, OCRC-Winchester
Elora2b & 30.6silt loam35200,000OAC, U of Guelph
Ottawa30.6clay loam45200,000ORDC, AAFC, Ottawa
Walton30.7loam56192,000ORDC, AAFC, Ottawa
Port Hope31.5clay loam56192,000ORDC, AAFC, Ottawa
Winchester41.0silt loamTwin (48, 28)*175,000U of Guelph, OCRC-Winchester
Woodstock41.8clay loam35200,000OAC, U of Guelph
Exeter41.7clay loam38200,000Ridgetown Campus, U of Guelph
St. Marys41.5clay loam35200,000OAC, U of Guelph
Fingal52.1clay loam56192,000Ridgetown Campus, U of Guelph
Palmyra52.7clay43235,000Ridgetown Campus, U of Guelph
Inwood52.4clay43235,000Ridgetown Campus, U of Guelph
Ridgetown52.8clay loam43200,000Ridgetown Campus, U of Guelph
Chatham62.9clay loam43200,000Ridgetown Campus, U of Guelph
Merlin63.1clay43235,000Ridgetown Campus, U of Guelph
Woodslee63.3clay46200,000HRDC, AAFC, Harrow
Harrow63.5sandy loam46185,000HRDC, AAFC, Harrow

* Twin rows 48 (between twin rows) and 28 cm (within twin row) spacing.